The following tribute to the Hall of Fame Cartoonist, Walt Kelly and his enduring and endearing Pogo Possum and Friends was suggested by none other than friend and literary Yoda, Pat Nolan. He also visualized the gag and provided me with the tag line which refers to a real Pogo strip and for all I know was actually spoken by General Patton or FDR at some point. It was fun to TRY to mimic the style of a master. I hope you will rediscover Mr. Kelly’s work because it is just as fresh and pertinent now as back in the day. Maybe more so because I am seasoned enough to “get” more of his humor now.



  1. You done did a bang up job, an de ol’ maestro o’de Okeephenokee Swamp be smilin’ down on you

    • mongrel4u says:

      You are starting to sound a little like Jerry Reed. Sorry to be de one t’tell ya but a gator got yo’ grannie, Amos Moses. Hope it don’t give ya a swamp psychosis.

  2. Wisht I could sound like Jimmy Reed

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