Old Hellion On Wheels

Posted: August 24, 2015 in Uncategorized


My two favorite “guy” series on TV today are “Hell On Wheels” and “The Strain”. Gail likes H.O.W also but eschews the gore and aggressive weirdness of Strain. I have written a bit about Anson Mount, the closest thing to a hero in the gritty Western noir world of Hell On Wheels. He is also the closest thing to a cinema hero that I know of who graduated from our Alma Mater, Sewanee (The University of the South). There was another actor in my Class of 1962, Elliott Streets, who had a few character roles in films in the 70s-80s and more frequent TV roles in series comedies like “Fantasy Island”. (Note: Elliot is still around! Saw him recently in “Last Vegas” doing a few lines as a wedding parlor reverend.) Anson Mount has really owned the role of Cullen Bohannon from the first episode and the writing and a cast of talented supporting actors including Colm Meaney and the formidable Christopher Heyerdahl as “The Swede”, have kept me binging all the way through five seasons.


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