Trippy Advisor

Posted: October 30, 2015 in Uncategorized
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The Fisherrreros have landed. After a sometimes grueling (sometimes not) fifteen hundred mile journey, we arrive and are greeted immediately by friends Barbara, Bruce and Christine. We are home. Right now our home is smothered in jungle-like weedery, we have no water in the house for washing dishes or bathing, and we are involved in a cockroach abatement program. But very soon all this will be taken care of and we will proceed to phase 2, whatever that is. But it is a relief to be able to establish contact with the outside world, so howdy outsiders.

FYI to folks unfamiliar with the Spanish Language: Topes (toe-pays) are speed bumps in Baja. They may be marked by signage or not. They vary in size from inconsequential to lethal. The one so fresh in Aldo’s memory was an unmarked stealth tope on the far outskirts of El Rosario and resulted in dislodging the battery from its moorings (which we did not discover till the following morning.




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