Maudlin Times, or Writer’s Blockage Review

Posted: November 3, 2015 in Uncategorized
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Today’s effort requires a bit of background information and an apology if I come off whiney to those offended by whinery. It all started yesterday when I brought home a copy of the beautifully slick magazine, “Journal del Pacifico”. In a community full of artists you would expect a classy mag to announce the attractions du jour of Pueblo Magico Todos Santos, and The Journal does not disappoint.

I had barely gotten by the inside cover which featured another knockout bill for the latest edition of The Todos Santos Music Festival, when I was smote between the eyes by the provocative title, “Earth Needs Writers”. Apparently, right down at the bottom of the hill from my Las Brisas casita in the fabled “Casa Dracula”, there is to be held The 2016 Todos Santos Writers Workshop. I am a glorified doodler not a writer, but the impressive credentials of the lineup presenting seminars and moderating discussions featured writers whose work I’ve read in this magazine and on the Truth Santos Facebook page to which I have also contributed cartoons and commentary. The focus on the ecological concerns facing us globally as well as locally (La Mina and Tres Santos) attracted me as well. My super hero alter ego, The Doodler, has faced those who would ravage our bit of paradise to assuage their gnawing greed, and he is always looking for ways to use his super powers for truth and goodness. This was a window of opportunity I could not afford to miss. Unfortunately when I got the details via email from Rex Weiner, TSWW’s co-founder,i realized that the tuition (even with a locals discount) made it an opportunity I could not afford, period.

I still feel that I must try to gain access to this event. I intend to send this posting along with a counter offer in hopes that the powers that be will take pity on a poor pensioner who wants to polish his skills, make positive use of them and perhaps make a few bucks on the side to dignify his golden years.






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