The following comic strip may be humorous and have funny-looking characters doing outrageous stunts, but the truth at the heart of this matter is deadly serious: a big developer under the guise of mindful benefactor has started a megaproject which has already destroyed protective mangroves, restricted and endangered the livelihoods of fishermen, ruined a beautiful beach with a an ill-considered sea wall that threatens to erode the very foundation it is built on. It’s a scenario that has been enacted on unsuspecting communities many times before in prime resort locations around the world. It’s a scenario that must be stopped. No one should be able to buy their way to development at the expense of the environment and inhabitants, flora and fauna, and the limited amount of precious water we must share.

For those who are not regular readers, Aldo and Me occasionally delve into an imaginary superhero life. I am “The Doodler”. able to alter reality briefly with my performance enhanced magic pencil; Aldo becomes All-Dog after ingesting his Genetically Engineered  (by highly spiritual geneticists from Switzerland and stolen from an Illuminati stockpile and given to us by a rogue Hum-Bot drone) biscuits which produce startling, unpredictable, but always effective, results..

The real us will be going to a real meeting in Todos Santos Town Square in an hour or so, concerning the dilemma I described above. For more information on the situation, videos, photos and how you can help go to the Truth Santos Facebook Page. They will steer you to other sites devoted to preserving Punta Lobos.



  1. tscar1 says:

    Turk  we are currently in Bora Bora  and from the locals we hear the same destruction of coral reefs and other things by large resort communities.   It’s a world wide problem and it seems as individuals we are helpless. If I can  help let me know  how.  I was a developer for twenty years but there is a lack of morality that I was ultimately not able to be a part of. Let me know. I am loving your daily cartoons.  Tom

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