Huichol Huanabe

Posted: November 19, 2015 in Uncategorized
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I have always admired the art  of the Huichol Indian tribe. Our friend, Fran Levy, used to take regular trips to  a place near Nayarit on the Mexican mainland, to visit the artists of that community who did incredible work with yarn and beads in outrageously vivid colors with outlandish creatures and the inevitable peyote cactus that permeates their art and culture and religion. She began to bring back t-shirts that had reproduced images of their art. I must have collected about a dozen of them over the years. This comic strip is my attempt to capture the visual feel if not the spiritual intensity of their work. There is currently a Netflix documentary that illustrates the way of life, religion and art of the Huichols by focusing on Santos de la Torre, a Huichol artist whose work is on display in the Louvre. It is entitled Eco de la Montana.




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