I am pathologically obscure fer sure, so let me clue all a ya’all in who were denied the childhood pleasure of reading the first and foremost cat extinction event story for the young reader, “Millions of Cats”, by Wanda Gag.

There is something weird about this tale of an old man’s quest for a cat to cheer up his wife. That’s probably why I like to check it out every once in a while. It has a kind of German Impressionistic feel to it that seems appropriate to the plot goings on. Hell, it was good enough to win a Newberry Award, and that’s not too shabby. It was first printed in 1928 and is currently the oldest children’s picture book still in print, if we are to believe Wikipedia, and while we are believing, believe this about Wanda Gag: Wanda Hazel Gág (1893–1946) was an American artist, author, translator, and illustrator. She is most noted for writing and illustrating the children’s book Millions of Cats which won a Newbery Honor Award and the Lewis Carroll Shelf Award. It is the oldest American picture book still in print. The ABC Bunny also received a Newbery Honor Award. Her books Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs and Nothing at All each won a Caldecott Honor Award. In 1940 a book of edited excerpts from her diaries (covering the years 1908 to 1917) was published as Growing Pains; it received wide acclaim.





  1. Francis M. Bass, Jr. says:

    Mike, I have a one-year-old granddaughter. Thanks for the book ideas. Fran

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