Greetings potential friends and fellow bloggers. My name is Michael Fisher and I am 65 years old, and like legendary Yankee, Lou Gherig, I consider myself to be the luckiest man on the face of the earth, or at least in the top 100 or so. I have a beautiful wife, Gail, and two grownup kids, Rhiannon(33) and Jesse (30). I am enjoying Grandparenting Stella(6) and Opal(1), Rhiannon’s daughters. Through the years I have been a lucky child, lucky teenager, lucky student, boyfriend, husband and employee. No major injuries, no serious diseases, no truly disastrous relationships, no child abuse. Lucky. For the most part I have had interesting jobs that did not drive me crazy. I have never been wealthy, but with my practical, hard-working partner, we have managed to raise happy kids, own a home and pay our bills. Sometimes I almost feel guilty that things seem to fall in place for us with a minimum of trials and tribulation, but some of it may be that we don’t expect or need a lot so we are happy with what we have. Of course all that can change in the blink of an eye, so it’s all the more important to appreciate what we’ve got on a fresh, day to day basis.

Since I was a kid I have loved drawing, writing and performing. I like to make people laugh and take my role of a clown very seriously. I have had limited success utilizing my talents if you measure success in fiscal terms; but I have, more often than not, had a ball, performing in local theater productions, playing harmonica and singing in three different R & B combos, writing a music column and drawing a comic strip for small town weeklies, and authoring almost 100 bumper sticker slogans. Not all at once of course. It took the better part of thirty years to achieve my monument to mediocrity. (“Mediocrity Is The New Excellence”) That’s one of my sticker slogans.

My trouble was and is that I have never taken my art that seriously. I think this may be my way of dealing with rejection. I am hoping that by blogging I can provide a chuckle or grin to a wider audience. God knows my family and friends have grown tired of my antics, but it could all be new to you, right? All I want is to be a part of an active blogging community, to amuse some folks along the way, and get a little recognition for what I do, so that my kids won’t think I’m just writing some kind of Unabomber Manifesto and going off the deep end (again).

But as I said, I’m lucky, so hopefully I’ll make my mark just like Julie did in that “Julie and Julia” film. What an inspiration for bloggers with ambition. If you haven’t seen it, check it out. Merle Streep is a great Julia.

Oh, I forgot to mention my sister Phyllis (82) who is a much better artist than I could ever be. She was once an accomplished fashion model artist for a major department store, and has done many beautiful oil paintings, even had a show of her stuff in Palm Beach, for goodness sake. And the strange creature you may have seen in some of my videos is Aldo the dog. He is a Brussels Griffon and not a dwarf Chewbacca or Ewok as some may have surmised.

Hope to meet many of you along the way, so let’s get ready to rumble.


Get thee behind me, Yorick.

  1. Teri says:

    Ok, ya got me… sometimes blackmail works!
    I love it, Michael.

  2. Joan McDonald says:

    Hi Michael,

    Love your blog. Jim had Thanksgiving with us and pulled it up for me. Its been a long time, 5 or 6 years? Heard from Frank last week. Seems like just yesterday you guys were getting ready to go to Calif. Of course Jim & I bored Eddy to death reminicing. Hope your holiday was filled with good food, family and fun. Love to you and yours.

  3. alexa says:

    Hi Michael-

    I really love your artwork and blog. My school friends really enjoyed the posting about Kalmala Harris.

    See you soon, Alexa

  4. Greg says:

    Howdy! Saw your tale of the flood over on the Bohemian’s website, and enjoyed it immensely. Thanks for sharing. Cheers – Greg

  5. Hocam says:

    Found my way here through the Dribbling Pensioner. I’ll be back. Your drawings are wonderful.

    • mongrel4u says:

      Thank you. If those are your flower photos, they are brilliant! Are you also an educator/instructional assistant? My wife has been working at our neighborhood elementary school for 25 years and I retired from Early Childhood Education in’07. Carry on blogging.

      • Hocam says:

        Yes they are my photos, thank you. It is easier to take photos than to draw :-)) And yes, I’m a primary school teacher. I’ve worked in the same job for 33 years and I’m waiting for retirement It’s not that I don’t love the kids, I’ve just so many things I want to do.

      • mongrel4u says:

        I think it is probably just as difficult to take beautifully lit, well composed photographs as to do my comic art. But I have improved my drawing skillssince I left the 45 hour week behind. It is great to spend more time reading, writing, drawing,walking, grandparenting and napping. The Fisherrero’s Michael Fisher& Gail Guerrero

  6. Glen Weaver says:


    Great to see you on the Free Bookmobile in Monte Rio last weekend. I started laughing (in a good way) as soon as I looked up your page here. Will be sure to show the boys later, as they were always impressed with your art during childcare.

    Keep on sharing!


  7. Rosie McGee says:

    Checking you out old man :0

  8. Hey Mongrel!
    Hope you & Gail are doing well and enjoying the Baja breeze,
    we are soooooo looking forward to our return to Todos Santos in late December,
    would love to talk to you about doing a drawing for our next CD cover.
    Can you contact me via e-mail or FB, please?
    Thank you!

  9. I wanted to know who drew that picture of M.T. GRAVES that I found on Facebook one day.. I looked on Google and typed in Charlie Baxter and found this site so I think that you drew it. It is green and drawn in black ink.: Mongrel4u’s Blog. I was his good friend and I have a Facebook Group site called “M.T. Graves Classics Comic Strip.” that Charlie Baxter and I and Billy Small created together in April 2007. I am still drawing it and it appears in Scary Monsters Magazine, occassionally. I am writing a booklet about M.T./Charlie. I like your drawing and always wondered who drew it. I,myself, joined WordPress but have not posted any art on it yet. It is quite a complicated site and I am slowly trying to figure out how to operate it. Were you an M.T.. Graves fan? I sure was. I loved his t.v. show and all of his children’s t.v. shows. 🙂

    • mongrel4u says:

      As a kid living in West Palm Beach during the 50s through the 70s I was a big M.T. Graves fan. He was our answer to Zacherly and other famous creature feature personalities. I watched his show every chance I got, being a big fan of horror and science fiction films, and enjoyed his mugging improvisation and interactions with the warden and other characters. I am glad you enjoyed my drawing enough to leave a comment. Viva Charley Baxter!

  10. tom scarborouigh says:

    hey Mike – I am just now introduced to your blog and Aldo – I have enjoyed reading your “history” and am happy that you are so content – It brings back wonderful (and funny) memories of 64/65 – glad you are “still crazy after all these years” Tom Scarborough

    • mongrel4u says:

      We had so many wonderful and funny moments that I graduated by the skin of my teeth and consider myself lucky to be alive. Wouldn’t have traded the experience for anything though. Still have the occasional Sewanee dream. It was great to hear from you, Tom. Hope you and your family are healthy and happy. I remember you for your contagious laughter and outstanding athletic ability. I am glad you stumbled across my blog and hope you enjoyed it. Since I’ve been retired I have time to rediscover some abilities and activities I’ve kept on the back burner while trying to make a living. Thanks again for dropping by. Adios Amigo.

  11. tom scarborouigh says:

    I have to tell you – after an hour beginning with your 2010 blog and ending currently, I have been converted from a worthless Bushie to an apologist for Gore, I now am planning to learn the “theremin”, I am awaiting publication of the NYTBS opus, I am re-growing my hair and plan a beard, etc.etc. You are the only member of my memory who has not “copped out “. If I had to guess where you would wind up, you are there. I wish I had known you were in Sonoma – I developed an office building in San Mateo in the 80s and was in the bay area for several years. My wife and I were back last year in Monterrey for a week. We also escape every year to the sun, we to Costa Rica. I will be following you periodically, can’t get too deep into your world, it would suck me in and at my age I can’t take that chance. By the way, I own assisted living facilities in Florida, so when your mind totally goes, I will hold a bed for you. Tom

  12. Drew Wilson says:

    Hola Michael, My name is Drew, I represent CSU Todos Santos. I’ve been following your blog and comic strip. I appreciate your passion for this community and admire your dedication. We have a lot to learn from residents, that is why we are here, in fact. I’d love to hear from you some time and get your input. Perhaps you’d be willing to hear about our intentions as well… Looking forward to some dialogue with you… Drew -drew.wilson@colostate.edu

    • thomas scarborough says:

      Hey Turk – I have been following you a bit since we connected last year – I am impressed with what Todos Santos has done for you – it appears you have lost at least 6 years in age simply by lounging in the southern sand!! I think I should try it – My approach has been to drink Sardinian wine (read “The Blue Zone” )- but yours seems easier, and less addictive – Saludos Tom Scarborough

      • mongrel4u says:

        A cartoon a day keeps the doctor away. Art can also can be traded for commodities and services in Todos. I do T shirt designs for local restaurants, contractors, even my
        wi-fi service provider. This cuts down on my beach time a little, but who needs skin cancer anyway. If you ever make it to the Los Cabos area look us up. The airport is about a 45 minute drive. We’ll pick you up and show you the sights in our little town. Best times are January and February, lots of festivals, music, art, food (we are a small town of about 5000 souls but we have more than 60 restaurants). Thanks for staying in touch.

      • thomas scarborough says:

        we spend each February in Costa Rica – away from the madding crowds – but maybe we can see the Baja before you leave –

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