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His "Star Begotten" seems to predict human gene manipulation.

This has been one of those days I anticipated when I made this committment (to make a sketch a day for 365); those days that present challenges that make blogging problematic. Today it was a massive hemmorhage in the mobile mansion’s  main water pipe. We called in an RV expert. He arrived at 9AM. Unfortunately he was overaged and overweight and wanted nothing to do with the demanding  job which involved crawling behind and under the RV. He took one look at the damp, dark, weedy underbelly of the mansion and said, “I think I’ll pass on this one.” 

After letting our fingers walk through the yellow pages, we came up with another candidate. He was thin enough to crawl into the space where the leak was located and had the will to do so. We listened to him carry on an active conversation with himself, sometimes breaking into song, for close to three hours, wondering if we had made the right choice. But in the end he got ‘er done.

At any rate, here it is 10:35PM and I am just now posting, Those Amazing Humans, #26, H.G.Wells. War of the Worlds has always been a favorite of mine. I enjoyed both film versions, read the book, the Classics Illustrated, and listened to the Orson Wells broadcast that caused such a furor. I even have an LP and CD of the groundbreaking radio show. But one of his novels that is all but forgotten (and one of my favorites) is “Star Begotten”. “Star Begotten” is the story of one Joseph Davis, an historian, who begins to suspect that his own son and other chosen children have been purposefully altered by a bombardment of “cosmic” rays of an unknown origin in the reaches of outer space. Although it is later surmised that it might be the malignant interference of those pesky Martians again, when all the “alterations” prove to be positive in nature: increased intelligence, robust health and a universal dedication to the improvement of humanity, Professor Davis begins to believe that this generation of Star-begotten youths might be the only hope for a civilization bent on war and self-destruction.