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While Aldo was experiencing something at the other end of the pleasure spectrum, we were gorging ourselves on breakfast goodies at Casa Tota. We felt confident that Aldo was in good hands though. We really like Dr. Gabriel Hernandez Hernandez. He is a soft-spoken, gentle man, and Aldo didn’t bark once as we left, even before he was sedated. We would recommend him to anyone who has need of medical care for their animal friends. He can be found ¬†at his Veterinary Clinic, just to the right of the Canada del Diablo building.

MVZ Gabriel Hernandez

MVZ Gabriel Hernandez

We opted to eat outdoors since the day was calm and comfortable. Gail had Eggs Benedict, I had an omelette with bacon and a delicious cheese the name of which I cannot recall.

Walk this way.

Walk this way.

I am not a food critic, I am an eater. The potatoes were lightly seasoned and flavorful. The black refritos were cold. Gail said the eggs were not done and the Hollandaise was too little and too light. But hey, we’ve eaten there three or four times before and been well pleased with service and fare; last New Year’s Eve Dinner was particularly scrumptious. So I am sure this was just a blip on the overall enjoyment chart. We will return.

My omelette less one bite. Attractive presentation, n'est ce pas?

My omelette less one bite. Attractive presentation, n’est ce pas?

The place is a visual feast inside as well. Here is one of my favorite paintings in Todos Santos. I am not an art critic, but by golly I know what I like.

...and a Happy New Year.

…and a Happy New Year.

But I couldn’t forget poor Aldo and what he must be going through as we were enjoying such guilty pleasures. I became so psychotic with guilt that I had an irrational, paranoid fantasy that I was being watched throughout the entire meal by a mysterious woman. I decided not to tell Gail about this.