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We followed the river out to the sea and down the steep trail to Shell Beach just South of Goat Rock, Jenner, CA. There friends and family gathered to celebrate Opal’s fourth birthday. The weather couldn’t have been better, so warm that I had to take off a layer of clothing. Usually cool and windy on the coast, today was sunny, calm and comfortable. Don’t believe me, check out these pictures.


With my back to the ocean I looked at the setting sun coloring the hills and clouds. Looks like a harbinger of weather change though

Opal on the right and Kashauna with a seaweed whip on the left.

Bruce enjoys the surf.

The old gunslinger was there to enjoy ice cream and cake.

Can you see why I call this Two Face Rock?

Just another routine beautiful sunset.

I love sun trees.







Just a matter of a few short hours before we make the transition to that alternate universe we call home. All the bags are packed, the clothes we will wear have been selected. Arrangements have been made for out transportation to the bus stop in Todos Santos. Roberto, the plumber, will give us a ride. Ballena Azul, will sleep with a full tank of gas, and a gasoline sedative, with her battery removed, through the long months until our return. All dishes, silverware, electronics and bedding have been encased in a carbonite shell and stowed in a secret compartment to ensure they will be safe from rodents, human predators and hurricanes. All that remains is for us to say our goodbyes, eat a last meal (or two) and when the hour arrives, step into the Alaska matter transmitter, and pop out into another culture, another time zone, another reality. Thank goodness Gail has a long weekend before she goes back to work.

I have packed all my drawing implements, this laptop will be next. Then I will be on silent running for a while. Which is just as well since I become disoriented for at least 24 hours after a matter transmission and any type of correspondence is apt to be even more incoherent than usual. Then there’s the matter of restarting the life-support systems of the mobile mansion. Last year that was more of a problem (I think). This year our son has been using it as an isolation station, so we may not have the mold and mildew that accumulated in our absence before. There is always the possibility that we may meet unexpected challenges with re-entry.

Be that as it may, please feel free to ramble around in the disorganized mess of my close to 800 archived blogs, 460-some “Those Amazing Humans” and 300 or so other random musings, while I am indisposed in transit. I will leave you with a couple of photos of a remarkable truck, and one last sunset.

The Art Transporter (Front)

The Art Transporter (Rear)

Desert Sunset

"Into The Groove"- Z. Marley


I have posted umpteen photos of beautiful sunsets since we’ve been in Todos Santos this year. I imagine most of my readers are thinking “not another freaking sunset”, but this one is particularly beautiful, and since it occurred while we watched the NFC showdown between the Niners and the Giants at The Sandbar last night, I think it is symbolic of my home team sinking in the West after a wonderful, unexpectedly great season. I promise this will be the last sunset till next year.

Check please, Pacifico

As expected there were a good many more folks at the Sandbar for this NFC Championship game to decide who would go to the Superbowl to face the Patriots who had won earlier in the day. As expected bartender, Gabe, was using every harrassment tool in his toolbox for us Forty-Niner fans, turning up the volume when the Giants did something positive, wise-cracking or booing when the Niners scored. Oh well, maybe next year the Niners and the Raiders will get in the Superbowl, the Niners will win and shut him up for a while. Stranger things have happened. Like having two muffed kick returns lose the game for SF. Enough sour grapes, back to the beautiful sunsets.

Why is he dressed like a Buddhist monk?

I guess I should have realized this psycho clown was a bad omen when I snapped this pic at halftime. And just to get the Killer Klown taste out of your mouth, the very last sunset picture of this visit to Baja.

Twilight Bougainvilleas (Thanks MHP)

Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Kool Kwanzaa and whatever else you celebrate!