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I am doing Rojo a disservice by portraying him as a dog completely obsessed by fetching a flattened soda bottle. He is a complex little guy with a variety of interests. He has a squeaking hamburger or two, a bunny doll, and a love pillow. he can bark in English and Spanish, likes to walk or run around the property, enjoys human food when he can get it, and finding a good spot in the shade. I think he will miss me a little when I go back to Monte Rio, and I will look forward to seeing him again soon.


Yesterday evening I returned to “Chill and Grill” for a couple or so Margaritas and my first televised Giants game. The game was on an hour later here in Todos Santos and it concluded kinda late. Rojo was nice enough to forego his guard dog duties and allowed me to sneak in to the guest room without waking anyone up. Gordon and Cara cooked a delicious dinner before I left for the game, the Giants continued their winning ways and I returned safely to their house none the worse for the hair of the margarita dog that bit me three times (at least till this morning when I felt like a warmed-over banana slug. so now that you know all that here is a visual representation of the sneaking in part.