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The opinions expressed in the following comic strip are not necessarily the opinions of the management. They are merely the ruminations of a frustrated fuzz ball that is fortunate enough to accompany the management to the fine establishments mentioned below. He is lucky to be allowed on their premises and to be allowed scraps from their scrumptious dishes. And no, the management is not cruel and hard-hearted. We have learned from experience that feeding the fuzz ball in question certain foods gives him gastric distress resulting in the emanation of toxic odors and worse.


A reader asked for directions to these restaurants so I am including it here: Tres Marias/La Cuevo is down Juarez a couple blocks from Hotel California on the opposite side of the road across from Bancomer. Alma and Many’s is off Militar on (I think) M.deLeon opposite fish market and restaurant. Chill and Grill is first right turn after Pemex (Rangel) near El Molino trailer Park. Bon apetit. There is another Aldo’s Under the Table Dining Guide which appeared mid-December. Did you catch that one?




We returned to Tres Marias for our second pizza orgy Todos Santos style. In our honest opinion it is the best in town. There was a football game on, Seahawks vs Rams, and I did my best to ignore Seattle trouncing another division rival on their way to the superbowl. Don’t know why I didn’t notice these excellent loteria paintings which adorned the walls of the bar/restaurant when we made our first visit here a couple weeks ago. The photos are my special favorites.





loteria2 loteria6

Each painting is about 6 feet tall by 3 feet wide.