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Happy Birthday Willie Nelson.


Rosie came first, then the egg rolled on.

Just another view of Cletus and His Duck, with Rosie and Egg.

Who laid the egg?

This character is actually modelled after a real vaudeville act. Robert loaned me a VHS documentary with the comedian/duck act, but I have yet to borrow a VHS player. I keep forgetting to borrow the one Teacher Teri offered me at Loving and Learning. I may want to change the drawing after I see the act. This is the first attempt.

Quacking Up

Harper Lee (To Kill A Mockingbird)

If you're gonna be a one hit wonder, make it a really big hit.

Penelope Cruz

I drew this picture of Salma Hayek a while back. Always thought it looked more like Penelope Cruz, so I'm using it here.

"He can't even throw his age anymore."- Aldo

Just follow the bouncing ball and sing along!